Opinion: Top 7 Boro away kits…

The new Boro away kit has been released ahead of the upcoming season and has been met with a mixed response.

For some, the dark blue on white is the perfect combination in contrast to the red and white our home kit sports, but there are still some fans who are deciding if they are going to be making a trip to the club shop to pick it up.

Instead of analysing and over-analysing the new kit that we’ll most likely change our opinion on a hundred times throughout the season, we’ve decided to backtrack and have a look at the away kits of old.


Starting with a kit from the late 80s this kit saw the 80s Boro side win promotion to the First Division against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

The dark blue complemented the baby blue number extraordinarily well and with that, this kit has stood the test of time.

I also think the checked design all over the kit is a nice touch to a beautifully coloured shirt.

And with retro kits being all the rage these days I’ve decided to give the thumbs up to this masterpiece.


Continuing on the trend of kits that Boro have been promoted in, this light blue piece was worn by some of Boros most respected and iconic players such as the powerful Tony Mowbray and the clinical Bernie Slaven, who netted 118 goals for Boro in an eight-year period, that helped Middlesbrough to three promotions during that time.

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This kit sees a switch in sponsors for the Boro going from the traditional Dickens to the equally as recognizable Evening Gazette which became a mainstay in future away kits as well as home kits.


The 94/95 season was another season to celebrate as Boro gained promotion to the Premiership with John Hendrie leading the way as top-scorer, but this season of success also saw, in my opinion, one of the most uniquely coloured kits ever.

This light and dark green strip with gold highlights to many is seen as a monstrosity, but times have changed and this kit stands out as one of the few with character and individuality as apposed to the boring and traditional kits many teams bring out every season.

I mean let’s be honest, how many white, blue, black and striped away kits are released every season? Boro could have done the same, but alas we chose the two shades of green and gold.


Now I may be treading into uncharted waters with this pick, but this yellow and black piece is a work of art.

The first one on the list that isn’t some combination of blue or green the yellow kit for me really stuck out among all the other generic away kits in the championship at the time.

This kit like many of its predecessors also found promotion to the top division in England after Boro placed in the second automatic promotion spot after a very, let’s say tense, end to the season.

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However, I think this kits shining moment came in a dream performance and result and The Theatre of Dreams in a 0-0 draw with giants of English football Manchester United – which we won after a nail-biting penalty shoot-out.


Similar to the green 94/95 kit, this navy blue and dark red piece is one of the more unique away kits Boro have sported over the years.

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Consisting of much darker versions of the red and blue Middlesbrough football club have been known for, this kit is an example of a club doing something different than the everyday thing.

This kit was around during a very stable period for the Boro. We finished 11th in the league, got to the fourth round of the FA Cup and won the League Cup, overall it was quite the successful season.


With the new away kit returning to the clean and slick white, I think it’s only fair to put one of the old white kits on the list – even if it was technically a third kit…

The 2014/15 kit is one of the best in my opinion – simply down to the simplicity of it. All white with the only red being on the sponsors,

All white with a red tint showing on the sponsors, badge and arms. This makes it look and feel like a real Boro alternative kit, a complete opposite to the usual all red home kit.

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As for the season itself, I think it was one to both remember and to forget.

Finishing fourth in the regular season only four points of automatic promotion and then beating Brentford 5-1 over two legs to make it to the Play-Off final! Only to go and lose 2-0 in disappointing fashion to Norwich City leaves a sour taste in any Middlesbrough fans mouth, especially those who made the walk down Wembley Way.


The final kit on this list is the 2006/07 away kit. White shirt with the blue band and the 888.com sponsor. This again was always one of my favourites growing up.

Did it even inspire this year’s kit?

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Matched with the shorts and socks the blue was a welcomed changed the traditional red which has traditionally been matched with the all white kits.

The only highlight of this season was the impressive number of goals Mark Viduka achieved which was a total of 19.

Do you have a favourite away kit that isn’t on this list? Go ahead and leave a comment telling us which one.

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