Would you like to see Downing stay at the club? Boro fans have their say…

A homegrown hero. A fans favourite. One of Boro’s greatest ever academy products.

A return gone wrong? Or has Downing found himself in a difficult position?

Today it was reported that the Middlesbrough-born winger has been told by Garry Monk that he would be allowed to leave the club during this transfer window.

But what do Boro fans think of this news? We decided it was the perfect opportunity for this week’s ‘Q of the week’

Would you like to see Downing stay at Boro?

The issue with Downing is that people expected him to come in as our Number 10 after his performances for West Ham the previous season, However the formation was different then with Downing playing at the point of the diamond in a 4-3-1-2 formation (Downing had 0 goals and 0 assists in the season before West Ham signed him!). Defensive shackles and being back out wide are no longer suited to him. I would personally keep him for the season if there was to be a new system, but it would be time to cut losses if we are sticking to the current tactical philosophy. it’s all down to confidence and momentum.


Love him or hate him, I think letting Downing leave is a mistake. His experience in the championship will be invaluable. Despite reports of him causing trouble, he still has a lot to offer. Monk plays a 4-3-2-1 formation and Downing could play in 3 of those positions. We don’t have many versatile players.


Since Downing returned it’s fair to say it hasn’t worked out. Agnew’s insistence on starting him over Traore/Fischer last season was embarrassing, when it was obvious he was out of his depth. This turned supporters who had once sung his name turn on him. I’d want him to leave but would also urge supporters to look past last season and remember the job he did for us before that


I could never see the negativity about Downing but I think the times come for a clean break. Good luck to him and let’s hope we can bring in some much-needed pace


Remember that freekick at Wolves? The sublime finishes against MK Dons and Rotherham? The cross for Negredo at home to Arsenal? Downing can still be an asset if the manager gets his head right


I think this football club needs to move on to be able to grow. That means parting ways with the likes of Stewart Downing. I get the impression his heart is not with it when it comes to Middlesbrough football club anymore and I think we could get better players on much less money into the club. Thanks for the memories Stewy but now it’s time to go.


No. He hasn’t been a success since he came back, let’s make some money, free up some wages and either give Chapman/Fischer a chance or get a new quality winger in.


Think it’s time he is moved on, sadly as a result, someone will probably wake up to a horses head on their pillow. I think most people were happy when he returned, it’s clearly not worked and I could probably count on one hand games where he has proved his worth. We need to get away from this jobs for the boys once and for all


Yeah I want Downing to stay, I think he’s been mistreated by made up rumours and became a scapegoat to fans, created our most chances in the 15/16 so deserves to stay


I’m not too bothered about Downing not staying at Boro. His ego is bigger than the boat we had parked outside the ground last season and he really hasn’t proved his worth. I know he’s a Boro lad and all that but I haven’t particularly rated him in his 2nd spell here, hasn’t proved himself at both levels


Downing’s supposed prodigal-son style return never took off in the way we wanted it to. Sadly I think it’s time for my childhood hero to say goodbye!


In a way yes I would like him to stay but hasn’t really done what we wanted we are better off with some young blood. Love he’s from Boro but hasn’t performed since he came back, I’m sorry to say.


Not for me, I think he’s been a major let down from day one to be honest, which probably down to never really nailing down a definitive spot in the side among other things, there’s a saying in football “never go back” and I think this is classic case


Downing did little to influence matches last season. After 5 assists and 3 goals in 15-16, his haul of 3 assists and 1 goal and declining pace would see him struggle to stay on the teamsheet (assuming we bring in a new AM and LW!) – It’s time for him to go.


 Get him off the wage bill has done nothing special since his return, no effort shown just sat and sulked when he wasn’t playing.


No, hasn’t contributed enough for his experience and alleged ability. Poor signing from the off. Would have preferred Reach and now Fischer


Depends on Monk’s approach. Downing suits a 4-4-2 or as a wingback but has proved ineffective in Monk’s (and Karanka’s) favoured 4-2-3-1.


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