Should Gaston Ramirez be given a second chance under Garry Monk? Boro fans have their say…

There’s no denying that Gaston Ramirez has immense amounts of quality, that of which is required to help Middlesbrough Football Club back to the Premier League, just as he showed during our last promotion campaign.

But for some Boro fans, that’s really not enough.

It was widely reported that the Uruguayan last season tried to force a move away from the club while also refusing to play under Aitor Karanka.

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However, following the appointment of Garry Monk does Ramirez deserve a fresh start under a new management team?

The 26-year-old has travelled to Portugal and has been named in Garry Monk’s pre-season squad ahead of friendly fixtures against Oxford United and Chesterfield Town.

The smiling Ramirez sparked debate amongst Boro fans and has become the topic of choice for our ‘Q of the week’

Does Gaston Ramirez deserve a second chance at Boro under Gary Monk?

Here’s what the fans had to say…

50/50 for me, Ramirez clearly enjoys being the centre of attention as the number 10 and looks more threatening the more confidence he takes from his successes in isolating defenders and dribbling into the box. Despite his individual

Despite his individual qualities, however, Ramirez is a footballer who has looked best when he has been able to form an understanding with those around him, and it remains to be seen if he can keep himself from becoming frustrated.

Ramirez is still a quality attacking midfielder who is untouchable in The Championship. If he wants to stay, we should embrace him. Remember that he played a massive part in getting us promoted and could do so again

Though it pains me to say it – yes. We know he’s acted like a snake, but he’s a quality player and when on his game – a match winner, and we don’t have many of them in the squad. We all know the personal issues he had behind the scenes and maybe he didn’t particularly get on with Karanka. So it’s all up to Garry Monk; it’s his call. If he can see his worth and is willing to give him a chance to prove himself than so should we.

I will always, always back the manager as he is employed to manage the team with the clubs best interests at heart. If he plays for us next season and plays well then that is good with me. But I certainly will never chant his name again. Personally I would prefer for us to move on completely. But in Monk we trust.

It’s a tough one with Ramirez. On his day he’d be pretty much the best No.10 in the division, but would it just simply be unpalatable to see him pull on the Boro shirt once again? It’s a heart and head scenario really. Heart says – Absolutely no way should he play for us again.

His attitude and utter disregard for the fate of the club last season is unforgivable. The epitome of his ‘downing tools’ was the quite frankly disgraceful non showing at Bournemouth. No passion and no commitment, not a care, all because he’d been denied a move.

Boro resurrected his career and he repaid the faith shown in him by throwing his toys out the pram. Should be released on a free, get him out. Head says – Despite all the above, given he shows a total improvement in his attitude and desire, and apologises to all concerned, then maybe he could turn it around. He’d be a huge asset if his head was in the right place.

There’s no denying that he’s got what it takes to win games on his own at times, evidence of that was in his match winning displays in the promotion season. Find that form once more and he could repeat the effects of that campaign.

Dilemma for Garry Monk that’s for sure. He’s got to pick the best team, and if he feels Ramirez should be part of that then we should back him.

His attitude on the pitch beyond January was disgusting illustrated by the dive and petulant red card he received at Bournemouth and half hearted displays before that. I won’t boo him if he wears the hallowed red but certainly won’t cheer if he returns to play for us again…

It’s a weird one people are saying if the fall out was with Karanka and he’s apologised to Gibson then give him a chance but even after Karanka left he was the same, he’s a good player but it just a case there’s no one interested in him at the minute so he needs to put himself in the shop window, but if he plays this season as well as he can he’s will ring around the riverside again, but I’d cash in on him if there’s any offers.

I have to admit I’m torn, but if his head is right then he’s the best player in this league. Plenty have ‘downed tools’ like Emerson. I’m reluctantly erring on giving him a second chance

Second chance? Basically, tells the club he doesn’t want to play for us again for something he did wrong, hands in a transfer request, total inept performances in 2017 including his magical display against Stoke and his apparent deliberate red card against Bournemouth. Should he have a second chance? He’s had it already and that ship has sailed. He is poison and even if he did play well it would be an angle to get another move in January. I’m done with him personally

I personally wouldn’t give him a second chance. He’s burnt his bridges. However, Boro fans are as fickle as anyone else and a few match- winning performances and there’ll be a fair few singing his name. Look at how quickly Emerson was forgiven after going AWOL.

We gave him a second chance last season, he doesn’t deserve a third in my opinion. In the second half of last season he had such a negative impact both on and off the pitch that we can’t afford to take that risk again. Get rid of him and bring in someone who wants to be here.

For me it’s up to Monk if he wants him then we have to back him. It’s up to him to win the fans over & earn his move away or a further contract but Boro fans are hard to please he has a really hard job to earn their respect again I would say yes until January at least

Ramirez 100% deserves another chance. Sounds like he’s apologised to the club and should get his chance if he’s sorry. If he acts up again then get shot of him but on his day there aren’t many better players than him.

Absolutely. The club’s under new management to the one he wanted out of in January – a chance for another fresh start. If Monk can get the best out of him he’ll be pivotal in our quest for promotion… again.

I’m genuienly torn now I’m over last season. Following his pathetic antics at Bournemouth away I genuinely thought that’s it, get rid right now – terminate his contract. But who knows? We all saw what he was capable of last time out in the Championship and most modernday footballers are complete mercaneries who really don’t care, are we going to get much better?

Our season was somewhat falling away from under our feet and he revived us and got us over the line. If Monnk likes what he sees and is willing to give him a chance then I have no problem with that.

I certainly won’t be booing him against Wolves or Sheffield United, but it’s up to him to perform and get the fans back on side!

I think Monk likes to use a technical no.10 so I think he’ll use him regardless of fan opinion, good early performances would quickly have the fans back on his side

Despite all that’s gone on if he gets his head down and plays to his full capability then he’s up there with the best in this league imo, it’s a risk but one worth taking I think

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