Gaston Ramirez is a Boro beauty

Gaston Ramirez should not be at Boro. No, not for the reason you think – not for last season’s melt down.  Ramirez should not be at Boro because he is simply too good for the level that Boro now find themselves playing at.  So assuming that he wants to perform, we should cherish him whilst he is still here.

We all forget just how much Karanka’s Boro were faltering until the arrival of Ramirez.

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Karanka, as ever, was struggling trying to find a player to effectively fill ‘the hole’ behind the striker.  Fabbrini had been tasted and discarded like he was a bottle of Lambrini.  Downing was hailed as saviour then thrown out as traitor.  For a position that was key to the Karanka system, Aitor was anguished.

Enter Ramirez.  Without his contribution – 7 goals, nearly as many as top scorer Stuani managed in the entire season, Boro would not have gained promotion.  He was unstoppable in the Championship last time out; Dale Stephens only managed it by carving a chunk out of his shin.

With a more attacking set up under Monk, he could be even more potent.  Boro have added much needed pace to their attack but still don’t have someone with the guile to unlock a game if you take Gaston out of the equation.

Still not convinced? Ramirez is the best-attacking player that I have seen in a long time at Boro, that rare game changer that can conjure something out of nothing and he is a deadly dead ball striker to boot (far more accurate than Leadbitter’s brawn over brain approach to set pieces).

Ask yourself when was the last time you saw someone in a Boro shirt take on half a team and stick the in the back of the net to boot, as he did against Bournemouth?  Look at what he did to Wolves and Huddersfield to demonstrate his destructiveness in this division.

What about the sins of last season?  Well, if Gaston really was ‘texting’ women who were ‘not his wife’, I can kind of understand what transpired.  Perhaps his missus thought that he couldn’t resist the lure of the Teesside lasses and deemed that it would be better for both of them to get out of Boro.  Maybe he was frustrated by Karanka’s death by defence tactics (I know I was!).

Unfortunately, as is common in life, not all are equal.  If a player as exceptional as Ramirez wants to stay, we should make an exception and embrace him, unless of course you’re one of those women who isn’t his wife.

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